Why did Macbeth really kill the guards?

There has been much debate over the years about why Macbeth killed the guards.

Some say it was because he was paranoid and thought they were going to kill him.

Others believe that he killed them because they saw him commit the murder of King Duncan.

The truth is, there is no one answer that fits perfectly. It is likely that Macbeth killed the guards for a variety of reasons, including paranoia and fear of being caught.

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Why did Macbeth really kill the guards? The lords are sent to arrest Duncan’s guards they find out that Macbeth has murdered the guards.

Macbeth says that this is as he’s furious with them for murdering Duncan however, it’s really suspicious.

Duncan’s sons fear they could become next on the hit list, and so they flee away.

Malcolm goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland.

Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth, is disturbed by the murder. She was not expecting her husband to go through with it and now she’s worried about the consequences.

She tries to wash the blood off her hands but it won’t come off. The guilt is eating away at her and she eventually kills herself.

As for Macbeth, he becomes paranoid and starts seeing ghosts of those he’s murdered.

He knows he’s in trouble and that his reign as king won’t last long. In the end, Macbeth is killed by Malcolm who then takes over as king of Scotland.

What is Macbeth’s real reason for killing the guards?

If the lords decide to detain Duncan’s guards they find out that Macbeth has murdered the guards.

Macbeth claims that it’s because he was angry at them for killing Duncan however, it appears quite suspicious.

Duncan’s sons fear they could become next on the target list, and so they flee away.

Malcolm goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland.

Now that Duncan’s sons are out of the picture, there is no clear heir to the throne.

If Macbeth can eliminate anyone else who could potentially take the throne from him, he will be able to keep his power.

By killing Duncan’s guards, Macbeth has made it appear as if he is trying to protect Scotland from those who would do it harm – when really, he is only interested in protecting himself.

Macbeth’s true motives are slowly being revealed; he is not simply a man driven by ambition, but a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to maintain his power.

Why did Lady Macbeth kill the guards?

Lady Macbeth falls unconscious and Macbeth in rage shoots two guards who were drunk after they claim that they had were the ones who killed King.

Duncan. In his rage, Macbeth doesn’t realize that he has killed two innocent guards instead of the murderers.

When Lady Macbeth comes to, she realizes what her husband has done and she is filled with guilt and grief.

She decides to kill herself which leaves Macbeth all alone with his hallucinations and guilt.

Why did Macbeth kill everyone?

The witches are gone after Lennox arrives to inform Macbeth that Macduff has left.

Macbeth decides to take action immediately this time, killing Macduff’s family members as a revenge.

At the castle of Macduff Lady Macduff is furious by the departure of her husband which left his family without protection.

She informs her son that his father is dead.

Macbeth’s hired murderers kill the young boy and Lady Macduff.

Lennox arrives at the castle to find it empty and all the occupants dead.

He is informed by a servant that Malcolm has been crowned the new king in England.

Scotland is doomed, says the servant, and Lennox agrees.

All of this bloodshed has been for nothing.​

How does Macbeth frame the guards?

Lady Macbeth sets up guards to murdering him.

The death of Macbeth is symbolic of the demise of the order of Scotland and is only repaired when Malcolm or someone else from his family, renounces the throne.

Three hags are opposed to Macbeth are manipulating Macbeth using spells and charms and compelled Macbeth to take the life of Duncan.

Macbeth is a brave and noble general who is manipulated by the witches and his own ambition.

He kills Duncan in order to fulfill the prophecy that he will be king, but this act throws Scotland into chaos.

Malcolm, Duncan’s son, eventually takes the throne and restores order to the kingdom.

Macbeth’s death symbolizes the end of an era of disorder and chaos in Scotland.

It is clear that Macbeth is not completely responsible for his own downfall; he is easily manipulated by others and his own ambition.

However, his death does mark the end of a period of turmoil in Scotland. With Malcolm taking the throne, peace and order are restored to the kingdom.

What does Macbeth do to the murderers and why?

What will Macbeth respond to alleged murderers? Why? Macbeth kills them with rage.

He says that in his rage the killer killed them without thinking.

Macbeth is not happy with this response.

When did Macbeth kill the guards?

Macbeth killed the chamberlain in Act 2 Scene 3, where Duncan is killed. Duncan is found out.

Malcolm and Donalbain, Duncan’s sons, flee to England. Banquo is also killed in Act III Scene I. Lady Macbeth commits suicide in Act V Scene I.

Macbeth most likely killed the guards because they were witnesses to his crime. He may have also feared that they would tell others what they had seen or heard.

By killing them, he could ensure their silence. Additionally, killing the guards may have been a way for Macbeth to relieve his own guilt or anxiety about the murder.

Who drugged the guards Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth(1.) Lady Macbeth has administered drugs to the guards and noted the resemblance between Duncan and her father has prevented her from committing the crime herself.

Following the murder, Macbeth carries the bloody daggers out of the room, causing Lady Macbeth to correct the killer for his display of emotion.

Macbeth(cont.) Macbeth returns to the body, where he is confronted by Banquo’s ghost. Horrified, Macbeth stabs at the apparition before it vanishes.

Lady Macbeth enters and attempts to comfort her husband, but he is now fully aware of his own guilt and fears that he will be caught.

He starts seeing ghosts everywhere and becomes increasingly paranoid.

The next morning, while preparing for Duncan’s funeral, Lady Macbeth faints from the stress.

As she recovers, she hears someone knocking at the door. It is announced that Ross has come to speak with her about recent events.

What did Lady Macbeth do to the guards to make them sleep?

Was it that Lady Macbeth do to the guards in order to induce them to go to sleep? They drank their wine.

Did she drugged their wine to make them go to sleep? Or was it something in the food she gave them? Something that would make them feel sleepy.

We may never know for sure what Lady Macbeth did to those guards.

But whatever it was, it worked like a charm and they were fast asleep when Macbeth came to kill Duncan.

How many people does Macbeth kill?

This is a question that I am often asked, and it is one that is difficult to answer.

While we know that Macbeth kills Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff’s family, the number of people killed by Macbeth in total is unknown.

Some estimates put the number at around twenty, while others claim that he could have killed hundreds.

Regardless of the exact number, it is clear that Macbeth’s hands are stained with blood.

If you are interested in learning more about how many people Macbeth killed, I encourage you to do some research on your own.

There are many different interpretations of the play, and each one offers a different answer to this question.

Why does Macbeth have Macduff’s family and servants killed?

Macbeth includes Macduff’s family members and servants murdered because Macduff has not been loyal to Macbeth and is furious.

This act also shows that Macbeth is paranoid and will do anything to keep people from betraying him.

Additionally, Macbeth may believe that by killing Macduff’s loved ones, he will make Macduff suffer more.

Lastly, this event foreshadows macabre events to come later in the play.

By murdering an entire family, including young children, Shakespeare emphasizes just how bloodthirsty and tyrannical Macbeth has become.

This merciless act ultimately leads to his downfall.

Macbeth’s decision to kill Macduff’s family members and servants is motivated by a number of factors. First, Macbeth is angry at Macduff for his lack of loyalty.

Why did Lady Macbeth kill the king?

Lady Macbeth receives a letter from her husband informing her regarding The Witches and what they’ve promised to him.

She is very happy to be the queen.

She would like to kill the King to ensure that Macbeth is able to become King as soon as she can.

When Lady Macbeth is informed of her husband’s plan to kill Duncan, she is immediately on board and eager to help.

She knows that this act will mean that Macbeth will become king, something that she very much desires.

While it is not clear why she wants this so badly, it seems that she simply enjoys being in a position of power.

For Lady Macbeth, killing the king is the best way to ensure that her husband gets what he wants.

While there are many reasons why Lady Macbeth might have killed Duncan, the most likely explanation is simply that she wanted her husband to be king.

Why would Lady Macbeth feel bolder after drugging the guards?

In Act II scene II, scene II, why does Lady Macbeth feel more confident after addicting the guards?

Example answer Lady Macbeth is likely to feel more confident because after the guards have been being drugged, she doesn’t need to worry as much over her husband.

In addition since she’s began to develop her sinister scheme, she’s definitely more invested than before.


It is possible that Macbeth killed the guards for a different reason, such as to cover up his tracks.

It’s also possible that he was just paranoid and thought that they were going to kill him.

No one will ever know for sure what Macbeth was thinking when he killed the guards, but it’s an interesting question to consider.

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